Activities Tour



Activities Tour is a Adventure Tours Packages we offer for your holiday by offer Outdoor and Indoor Activities and Adventure Tours to enjoy Bali has to offer. Bali has a coastline which offers every possible water activity such as diving, surfing, sailing and many more also Bali is perfect spot to do out door activities suchs as cycling, hiking and many other including some extreme activities. We can help you to arrange activity for you, below Activity Tour package in Bali Tours and we always keep update if there is new Bali Activities Tour in Bali islands. If you have another activities tour that we dont know in this program, just let us know and we will help you to arrange and will make this holiday very special for you and family. Our Surya Bali Villa Driver always make sure your safety and satisfacion during Activities Tour in Bali Islands. Please see below is short description our Activities Tours package we choose from the best Adventure Tours to make your holiday amazing dan you will never forget. All the selection of our Activity is comprehensive one from water activity, adventure activity and the most extreme Activities Tours Activity.

Choose Our Selection Activities Tour Packages :


Trekking Activities

Trekking Tour is a stunning and amazing experience in program Activities Tours we have by offer to enjoy to climbing Mount Batur in the early morning. This adventure is may be an alternative of your choice while in Bali, in the early morning hours around 4 pm you will be invited to climb the mountain accompanied by a local adventure trekking guide who knew a shorter road to the summit of the mountain.


Water Sport Activities

Water Sport Tour is a famous Activities Tours to enjoy water sport activities such as: Diving, Parasailing, Snorkeling, Water Ski, Banana boat, Flying Fish, Glass bottom Boat, Water ski, Wake boarding, Flying Fish, Turtle Island Tour and many more. Here you can do water activities that have been provided and do not doubt they’ve experienced so all you get a warranty doe amazing adventure.


Treetop Adventure Activities

Treetop Adventure Tour is a fun of Adventure Tours packages we offer by give you opportunity to beat the 3 level track in the park. It was set in an open air environment for group and family, open everyday in Bedugul. We also provide team building services. We offers 65 challenges for all level and ages : Suspended bridges, Spider Nets, Tarzan Jumps, Flying-Fox, Flying Swings, and many more.


Rafting Activities

Rafting Tour will make your adrenaline pump during this popular Activities Tours to enjoy white water rafting activity on the best river, maybe this is what you are looking for. Local guides will supervise you during this adventure. at the start of the upstream and through several twists and several waterfalls and also enjoy feel the chill of the water to spur until you arrive at the finish line.


Diving Activities

Diving Tour is amazing Activities Tours to enjoy of daily dive trip, bali diving packages, open water introductory lesson in the island of paradise. Our dive packages is the best dive sites for scuba diving, dive safaris, open water and all PADI courses, nitrox, equipment and Divemaster, Instructor internships. Bali Diving has full Dive Shop where equipment can be rented and retailed


ATV Ride Activities

Bali Island ATV, operational since 1996, is the number 1 provider of Bali quad biking tours. Based on the stunning Yeh Gangga beach, we are your trusted experts for unbeatable ATV Tours in Bali. Offering 1 or 2 hour tours, you’ll get the experience the exhilaration of riding a high powered quad bike along the sands, as the surf crashes behind you, the tranquillity of the rice fields…..


Bird Park Activities

Bird Park Tour is an adventure experience in the program Activities Tours to enjoy to witness the largest and finest collection of Indonesian birds and fantastic birds from Africa & South America. Encompassing two hectares of botanical landscape, the park provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species. Our innovative approach towards the display of rare tropical birds


Bali Zoo Park Activities

Bali Zoo Park Tour is a fun and education Bali Activities Tours for your children to enjoy to visit private zoo own by balinese, the bali zoo parks was set in 12 acres lush tropical garden and flowers surrounded. Very up market zoo wtih 100s quality build habitats including petting area for animals, walk through bird aviaries, Gibbon Islands, and Komodo Dragon cage and latest open range for african lions den.


Paintball Activities

Paintball Tour is the Hide and Seek games of Activities Tours packages we offer to enjoy games of paint gun in jimbaran and is a combination of the childhood games tag and hide & seek but is much more challenging. A group of players will divide into two teams to play game capture the flag in the arena. The number of players on each team can vary from one or two, five or seven or ten or even up to a 100 players


Spa Activities

Spa Tour is a relaxing Activities Tours package to enjoy relax, refresh your mind and pamper yourself on the bali island by following a Activities program of the SPA packages, possibly as long as your country is always busy and no time to pamper yourself. This is the place where you can select the massage package that you like here is not just pamper yourself but refresh your mind.


Horse Riding Activities

Horse Riding Tour is a fun adventure by riding horse during the Activities Tours packages program we offer, this adventure to enjoy sweeping the beach while passing water waves serangan beach and also look at the life of local residents. in this adventure we will also pass some beautiful view of the scenery of serangan village. Never missed the excited and rare experience explore the village by riding a horse.


Cycling Activities

Cycling Tour is a exercise and Fun Activities Tours to enjoy adventure cycling tour starts from Kintamani mountain peaks continue to fall through the expanse of green plantations and rice fields, we can feel the cool air away from the rural town atmosphere that makes us stressed. in this adventure we certainly supervised by the best experienced cycling adventure instructors.