Combination Tour



Combination Tour is a Day Tours Packages we designed by Combine Sightseeing and Adventure Tour in One Day to give the wide opportunity and impressive experience during your holiday in Bali. Combination Tours package are the comprehensive range of tours, sightseeing and travel guides to visit places of interest in Bali and visit the unique attractions, cultures, traditional Balinese social life and all about tourist activities. It is well combined with the benefits like lunch, dinner, entrance tickets, insurance and other that are compiled to be the attractive Bali tours package. Bali Combination Tours allowed you to do two thing during the tour is do sightseeing by visiting tourism site and continue do activities adventure tour. Is perfect choice for those want to do visit Tourist Destination such as Ubud, Kintamani, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu and continue do Adventure Tour such as Water Sports, Bali Rafting, Elephant Ride and many more. Never missed the opportunity we offered to you to make your holiday more impressive. In this combination tours package you also can choose your owns activity and adventure tour and we always ready to escort and give the best services during Combination Tour. Please choose our best selection of Combination Sightseeing Tour and Adventure Tour in Combination Tour package with reasonable price and for sure is “Totally Satisfaction Guarantee“.

Choose Our Selection Combination Tour Packages :


ATV Ride and Ubud Tour

ATV Ride and Ubud Tour is a piece of Combination Tours Packages we composed by permitted you to riding ATV / Buggy bicycle to the beaten track and afterward keep on investigating the excellence of vacationer end of the line in Ubud town. Is extraordinary open door we offer to make your vacation more impressive by investigate this islands in the way your never envision previously by riding the powerful ATV bicycle through the rice paddy and local village..


ATV Ride and Uluwatu Tour

ATV Ride and Uluwatu Tour packages is incredible Combination Tours Packages we intended for appreciate the ride ATV bicycle through the track give and the proceed with the visit to visit the famous Uluwatu sanctuary and other fascinating tourism site. Is incredible and stunning combo trip you will have and riding the ATV bicycle with span 2 hours through the wonderful landscape and see the special neighborhood town.


ATV Ride and Kintamani Tour

ATV Ride and Kintamani Tour packages in our amazing Combination Tours Packages experience to enjoy the stunning background we offer amid your vacation by offer you to ride the ATV bicycle and after that proceed with the trip to see the astonishing perspective of mount batur volcano view at Kintamani town. Is twofold experience you will have amid this bundles we offer, is exploit experience and entrancing touring visit packages.


ATV Ride and Tanah Lot Tour

ATV Ride and Tanah Lot Tour packages is the entrancing Combination Tours Packages we outlined by provide for both of you distinctive experience of riding ATV bicycle through the beaten track and afterward going to Tanah Lot Temple and other visitor end. Is extraordinary and noteworthy visit bundles we offer to make your vacation more amazing purchase picking this combination ATV Ride and Tanah Lot temple tours packages.


Rafting and Ubud Tour

Rafting and Ubud Tour is a Combination Tours, is a rafting packages tour in the best white water river ayung river and visiting some tourist destination in Ubud area. You will enjoy the exciting combination tours of white water rafting adventure at beautiful Ayung River and continue to to Ubud tourism site. This combination tours will bring amazing experience in two different experience.


Rafting and Uluwatu Tour

Rafting and Uluwatu Tour is a Combination Tours packages to enjoy white water rafting tours at ayung river in northern ubud village and then continue visiting the famous Uluwatu temple. This combination tours will enjoy rafting at beautiful river and visiting the amazing temple and see the funny monkey around the cliff temple or Uluwatu temple and visit other interest tourist destination


Rafting and Kintamani Tour

Rafting and Kintamani Tour is a Combination Tours packages is to feel the adventure experience of white water river in ayung river with great challenges rapids class 2 and 3 and then continue the tour by visiting Kintamani village to see view of volcano. This combination tours will enjoy explore the beauty ayung river and see the amazing view of mount batur volcano


Rafting and Tanah Lot Tour

Rafting and Tanah Lot Tour is a Combination Tours to enjoy two hours rapids challenge of white water raftings at ayung river with beautiful panorama site around the river and then continue the combination trip to visiting beautiful Tanah Lot Temple. This combination tours will start at ayung river for enjoy adventure rafting and continue visiting the sea temple or Tanah Lot Temple.


Water Sports and Ubud Tour

Water Sports and Ubud Tour is a Combination Tours packages to enjoy marine water activity located in tanjung benoa or serangan beach Bali, This combination tours will enjoy water activity such as parasailing, banana boat, glass bottom boat and turtle islands and continue visiting tourist destination in Ubud Village such as Ubud Monkey Forest is small forest in the center of Ubud and visit Batuan village for Fine Art..


Water Sports and Uluwatu Tour

Water Sport and Uluwatu Tour is a Combination Tours package, is a bali day trip to visit tanjung bnoa or serangan for watersports activities here you can will try the adventure watersports activity package we offer to you with full of fun and continue visiting Uluwatu Temple know as a cliff temple. Uluwatu Temple, the famous Balinese Hindu Temple in in south part of Bali with breathtaking view of sunset and Indian Ocean.


Water Sports and Kintamani Tour

Water Sports and Kintamani Tour is a Combination Tours Packages we made for you to do the fun of Marine Activity at Serangan shoreline and keep going by visiting the stunning view of Volcano at Kintamani Village. Great combo experience we offer for your holiday by offer two different activity on one day which is Bali water sports activity adventure tour and see view of volcano mount batur and the lake from kintamani village.


Water Sports and Tanah Lot Tour

Water Sports and Tanah Lot Tour is a Combination Tours Packages we created for you to do the fun of Marine Activity at Serangan beach and continue visiting Tanah Lot Temple. Never leaved Bali without doing the adventurous water sports activity in the paradise islands, the water sports packages we offer is the best compilation from the best activity choice by the tourist and then visit the famous temple in Bali Islands.